art journal May 29/30

Above is a close up of one of my journal pages I worked on the past couple of days. I got the idea to use tissue paper as a base or background, after using some tissue paper in my journal the day before. So . . . I pulled out a bunch:
and got started . . .

I worked quickly, covering the page. 

Then I spritzed on some watered down paint,
and on top of that, I sprinkled pigment powders.

These particular powders do not have a binder in them 
so I sprayed them with a matte sealer to help set it.

I sprayed on more watery paint . . . I like to layer, can you tell??!

I added a quote, some shells and a feather . . .

And it ended up looking like this, below. One of my favorites (Steven's too).

I love this bird Joy and I were watching last week -miss you, Joy!
I'm also finding out that I love working in an art journal.
Thanks for coming along with me . . . there are even more photos here!
; ^ ) lenna
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