May 3 art journal

Here is today's installment of art journal every day! The finished journal page  . . .

And here's a walk through, via photos of how I got there. I started by covering the pages with leftover papers and a scrap of fabric, a leftover photograph of some of my blue and white china pieces, a photo that I did not use when making these ATCs. I thought it would be a nice reminder of the swap to put that photo in here.

This time, instead of using white gesso, I used a white ink pad to add to the papers. I figured it would be lighter and more transparent than the gesso but still add colour to the papers. I applied it directly then heat set it with a heat gun. Click on any photo for more detail.

I used two rubber stamps, added a scrap of printed tissue paper and a transparency image.

I found a copy of my husband's drawings of very comical cats that he drew a long time ago. He is really very artistic. I must have used a copy of this drawing of his in something I made for him, as this extra copy of the drawing was in with my collage scraps. I ripped it in 2 pieces to fit nicely, glued it in and smiled. ; 0 ) 

I also added a rusty old washer I had picked up outside, another transparency of a photo I took in Canada, a small feather and a couple of leftover pieces of fabric and some white German Scrap. 
I must say this exercise of working in an art journal for 10 minutes a day (or more!) is helping me to get back into creating more . . . . I like that. I do feel busier than ever adding this in, but that is probably because I am spending more time on it than I really need to -that sounds like me ; 0 ) I am sure I will find a balance, I always do!! oh, I almost forgot to say & I know someone asked -this is a hardcover moleskine journal and it is 5" wide by 8" tall. 

What are you doing to keep your hand in being creative??