Paper Stacks: Online Collaboration

I read last week on Seth Apter's blog about his proposal to host an online collaboration; a collection of sorts. Read all about it here: Paper Stacks. Having worked in lots of altered books, art journals, and collaborative journals full of paper and more, I could not resist the challenge to upload a photo (or 2 or 3 or 4) to my blog today. I will notify Seth that I have done this and he will add my link to the list of artists here -go check it out! I love that he calls this post/list: Stackaholics Anonymous!

My photos are sharing only a few of the art journals and altered books around here . . .
I did not want the stack to topple over! Right click on the photo and again if there is a plus sign, for a juicier look.

You are looking at the first book I ever altered, back in 2001 - 10 years ago.

Some of these books are collaborations and some are samples for my altered book classes.

I made more than one stack -I could not resist!

A recent art journal from 2011 in the back, an altered book class sample, a collaborative exchange I am still involved with, a Vintage glue book, a book from a class with Kelly Kilmer . . . .

My most recent art journal, a class sample book, a vintage gluebook and my first altered book.

Hooray for stacks of art! 
Thank you Seth, for coordinating. I am proud to add my stacks ; ^ )  lenna