beautiful and soothing beach day

You might have caught a couple of glimpses of my visit to the beach yesterday in my previous post or by visiting my blipfoto journal, but I want to share a few more photos. The 9:00 am light was so delicious for taking pictures and the Longboat Key beach I went to was a particularly lovely one with lots of shells.

jingle shells are one of my favorites . . . . 
I love the way the morning light reflected off of this one below.

visitors that day

Some of my treasures . . . you may see these again, in my art.
click on any photo for a close-up view.

a close up view - click for even more detail.

There was a reason I went to this particular beach that I never had been to before. My Nia movement teacher, Kathy Oravec (below) was teaching a Nia class on the beach that day!

A lovely spot to dance and stretch.

I had never done Nia on the beach before and found it to be a wonderful experience; very energizing, yet peaceful. Definitely a mind-body fitness program. After class, I took a photo of Kathy and I.

I will be returning for another class!

and maybe a few more shells, or at least photographs . . . 
I am so grateful for all of this. 

yours creatively, lenna