Dallas and Liz get married

My son Dallas and his fiance' Liz are getting married today in Northampton, Mass. A friend of theirs drew the picture below and I added the writing. The gondola represents the last 3 years they spent in Triste, Italy, working at an Internatonal School. They are now back in the States, have secured an apartment in the Boston area, Liz has a job and Dallas is enrolled at a Graduate program at Simmons college.

These images just make me smile. Dallas turned 27 this August, Liz is a wonderful young woman and they are a fantastic couple. I will not be able to attend their wedding in person, because my family needs me here more than Dallas & Liz need me there. My sister Kathy and our dear friends Garth and Nora will represent us today at 5pm. My dear daddy was transported to a Hospice House last night where all of his needs in his remaining time can be better met. You do not need to write to me - this is a difficult time, just think of me and send your good energy my way. I have made it known to the couple that my dad would have wanted them to look forward and celebrate this joyous occasion today. with love, lenna