moving along: sketchbook project 2012

I have made some progress in my 2012 Sketchbook Project and that is a very good thing because the Sketchbook Project Special Edition arrived in my mailbox the other day! The 2012 sketchbook project is due at the Art House Co-op January 31st, 2012 and the Special edition sketchbook project is due April 30th, 2012. Which ones are you doing??

I have reconstructed my sketchbook for the 2012 project. I removed the journal pages and taped them together to create a larger surface to work on, then returned them to the cover. I painted the pages and began working on them. While sometimes it feels slow going to me, I know I am getting back into the groove of working in art journals/the sketchbook project and other mixed media fun. I must say that my father's passing had (and still has) an effect on me, but we are all finding our way.

After bringing my sketchbook to my Nia class on the beach the other day I had an inspiration. A comment was written recently about using sand like glitter and it gave me an idea. I found tiny shells with sand I had collected and used fluid matte medium to create a beach inspired page. 

You'll see later in this post what the page looks like when dry.

Next up, I continued on the other side of the green pages . . .

I used many of my rubber stamps, a variety of inks and another NASA image!

The quote is a "tape transfer" - originally from a magazine:

I added more stars to the first side of the pages I worked on . . . .

I wrote a haiku and then added it to the page with a white jelly roll pen:

i see moon + stars
a shimmering paper sky
swirling energy . . .

 ~ the beach page!

There is still a little sand sticking to the pages -
of course, it's from me doing this! 

I have taken yet even more photographs and a lovely way to view them is via flickriver. 
Click on the Sketchbook Project 2012 photo set once there and you'll be ready to easily view! Thanks for joining me here.

Yours creatively, lenna