Nia: through movement we find health

I feel very fortunate that I am able to participate in Nia, a body-mind-spirit fitness program a few times a week here where I live in Florida -- and I have the option of taking classes on the beach!   

On Tuesday, I drove a little farther than usual to Siesta beach, Sarasota and had a lovely class with my instructor Kathy Oravec, below center. 

Siesta beach has won the recognition of #1 beach in the USA and it is a very popular fitness destination. There were so many people walking or jogging by, observing our class and smiling at us. Some walkers even made comments and a few even joined us! Siesta is a very social beach, and much more busy than the Longboat key beach class I had been to before. A view of the busy Siesta beach, below. 

Yes, it is still very warm on the west coast of Florida! Actually right now at 11pm the temperature is only 50 degrees, but during the mid part of the day it still gets up to 75-80. Very idyllic, I know I am blessed. Today I returned to Longboat Key for another Nia class. It was quite windy and I had a sweatshirt on. We start at 9am and I took this wonderful photo before class of the sun above Kathy's Nia banner, marking our spot on  the beach.

Longboat Key is a number of miles north of Siesta beach and is much quieter. I enjoy it very much. I was not sure initially if I would like doing a movement class on the beach, but I decided to try it and I am so glad I did -I love it! A week or 2 ago, just as we started warming up facing the ocean, 2 dolphins did a series of beautiful leaps out of the water. The waves were quite large today because of the wind and the sound they made was a perfect accompaniment to our dancing. Often the gulls fly overhead and it is really a very freeing experience to be outside, in front of the powerful ocean, moving and sensing everything. It is just what I need at this time in my life.  

 I took a quick break to drink some water and could not resist snapping a photo of Kathy teaching -beautiful. I have added a video below that will share with you more about Nia. If you are not reading this on the blog, you can link to the video here.

yours creatively, lenna