painting and preparing

Sketchbook Project 2012: I decided to paint the pages of my sketchbook . . . and paint them I did!

There are 4 sections that fold out now, since I transformed the pages by taking them out of the moleskine journal and taping them together. See here if you missed.

Too boring, don't you think?

That's better!

That looks even better!

I tried to do a different color for each section and used pigment powders liberally!

Ahhhh . . . I felt like i was diving into COLOR! 

*There are more photos if you are so inclined and you can find them on my flicker account.*

I do not have a plan on what comes next per say . . .  I do know I want to write a little something about what I am doing, and what I have done with the pages. I think I am going to type something up and insert it in the inner front cover. I may do some paper collage, or stamping, or both! I just felt I had to paint the pages before I did anything else! Kind of like making myself dive in, just to get started. Do you know what I mean? My husband is really a great artist, but he is totally different than me. He likes to plan, draw and sketch, pretty much figure things out before starting. We did some collaborations together and he tells me he learned a lot from me because I work very differently. I do think a lot about what I might do, but not so much as in planning -- more exploring for ideas and then when I start working, that is when the "ah-ha" moments come: Oh, I could do this! What about that?! I'll try this, and so on. It's fun and I have gotten used to it. How do you work?? Share in a comment or email if you like, please! 

yours creatively, lenna