Enso: zen circles - with Bill Buchman

Last Monday in our Creative Breakout class our instructor Bill Buchman showed us how to do the Enso using Sumi-e brushes and a reed pen. This is a different kind of painting than I have ever done before. I had seen him demonstrate this in his DVD Zen Breakthrough, but it was definitely a challenge to do! Here is Bill's enso . . .

signing his name 

Then it was our turn. Each student came up and Bill helped us out. He prepared a good amount of sumi-e ink or gauche loaded up on the brush for us . . . and he coached us! 

Rebecca's enso -nice splatters!

Barbara is practicing first; we all did. A good idea.

we signed our names with the reed pen
Paul is doing great with his

Each one is different . . . 

I also took a video with Bill's permission of his demo of the enso ~ view it below -

The direct link is here: http://youtu.be/bH29wGrHFwQ

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