more limited edition sketchbook

If you missed the first post about this particular Art House Co-op project, you can find it here. I have added to a few of the pages I started and showed you in that post, and then some. If you have any questions please leave me a comment! Click on any photo for more details.

I added more lace paper around the opening here . . . 

I love how the embossing powder on the page looks like sand and the lace paper looks like waves

when you turn the page to see the whole photo, I have added more paint and pigment powders.

On this set of pages I added paint and stardust glitter to this page, then brushed over the glitter with matte medium to make sure it stayed in place.

more rubber stamping and some embossing powder

more to come!! 
This is an Art House Co-op Project and I am really enjoying it!