my father, dale andrews

A tribute to my father, Dale Andrews ~ born October 10, 1933, died October 1, 2011.

He was a wonderful man and great father and we were all blessed to be near to him. Even though Steven and I still feel his love and guidance, he is most dearly missed. I would like to share what my husband Steve wrote in the Bradenton Herald's Online Guest Book, after dad's Obituary was posted:

Dale was my mentor. I married his daughter and had no conception of how much other depth that would bring to me. Dale and his wife became close friends with wonderful daily times together. Dale and I set up a boat shop locally in Bradenton and worked on various projects together. For Dale, the boat shop was a way to focus on something else besides his illness. For me, the boat shop was a way to learn skills Dale could teach me. My most cherished memories are the times we just sat and talked. I will miss him every day, but I will also celebrate him every day as I use the tools he taught me to use.

~ Steve Deming, Bradenton, Florida. October 05, 2011

October 10, 1933 - October 1, 2011

Here is a direct link to this video tribute. The music that is playing on the video, The Mediterranean Tango, is just the kind of Jazz my parents favored at parties I "helped" with.

Thank you for your time with this personal matter for me and giving me the space to honor my dad one year after his death. with love, lenna

My dad and me at my 1975 High School graduation.

I was a handful in high school. I changed schools 3 times! But Dad loved me, supported me and stood by me. xox