Fun in the sun: Heliographic art

I have owned the Setacolor light sensitive fabric paints for some time, but had never got them out and tried them. Then, fortunately I was inspired by Gunnel Svensson and the sun printing she did recently. When I saw her pieces, I said "I'm going to do that!"  View some of my samples below. I am blessed to be growing grapevines on our pergola here in Florida and I had a wealth of material to work with.

Below is the same silk scarf when wet with paint . . . but not sun printed yet.

I will be back tomorrow to participate in a "virtual blog tour".  My friend Joanna in the UK invited me to share a peek into my art world by answering some questions -the same ones she did. I'm doing this because she listed me as one of 3 artists who inspire her. Wow! what an honor. See you again tomorrow :)