ICAD project complete

My last post left off with sharing #16 in my Index card a Day (ICAD) project, a total of 61 index cards done in 61 days. I was not able to post all of the cards individually here, but I did complete the project and wanted to share it with you.

Above you can see the beautiful red cedar box my husband Steve recently made for me to contain all of this year's cards. This box makes it so easy to look through the cards and also makes a lovely display piece. In fact, Steve made me 2 boxes, as this is the second year I have done the challenge. See below.

I find it amusing that for both years I ended the challenge on the 61st card with the stamp,

Today . . . Begin.

That's pretty much what it is about! The most important thing to do is jump in and start.

I wanted to share a collage of some of the index cards made this June & July after #16 for this blog, so I used PicMonkey to create a grid collage, below. It's a great FREE photo editor that I use a lot. View all of the ICADs in full, easily by scrolling on my newlyredesigned ICAD page. Tumblr blogs are a bit different than blogger blogs and easier (for me) to upload. I was even able to upload using my phone while we were traveling, that's why all the ICADs are there. I tend to share more on my tumblr blog, than here lately. The main page link to find me there is: http://creativelenna.tumblr.com/

but if you wish to follow me, you'll be sure to find me more often on tumblr these days.

a sampling of ICADs - Index card art

Now that the ICAD project is over, I am using the Daily Paper Prompts from Daisy Yellow in a new art journal. I get up every morning and go right to my art journal and start working with that day's prompt -check my tumblr blog, as that's where I've been posting my pages. I used to go right to my computer and then try to squeeze in my art sometime later in the day. This is much better! I am surprised I did not think of this earlier. Plus, I decided to delete my Facebook account. This has given me a lot more time for my art and photography and I have even been working on totally re-doing my original website. It's been great for me! I do hope all is well with you, hope you stay in touch.