Scotland style Gelli Printing

On Sunday, September 21st Frieda and I spent time together in her messy painting shed.  Since it had been a while since I had done any Gelli Printing, I asked her for a Demo! Here's Frieda . . .

Frieda's printed papers -beautiful!

Then I tried the technique once again, using some very bright colors for fun . . . 

It's really so much fun because it can look messy and that's okay! Gelli printing seems to lend itself to lots of layering, I'll have to try doing some more. 

When I got back home to Florida, I used one of my Gelli print papers as a background for creating another page in my art journal,

see below...

just so lovely.

I am really enjoying the time I am spending this week going through the many, many photos I took and then using paint and pastels and rubber stamps to pour those memories into my art journal. 

Thank you, Frieda!! xo