making marks: DLP week 10

  • Week 10 of the Documented Life Project 
  • March Theme: Making Your Mark (Doodles & Mark Making) 
  • March 7th Art Challenge: As A Layer Element 
  • Journal Prompt:  Surviving the Elements

I began this weeks DLP prompt by finding and using a piece of paper I had made my marks on while visiting my good friend, Frieda Oxenham in Scotland last September. We spent one morning playing with her Gelli Plates and I saved all the pages I created even if they were just warm-ups. This bright green, orange and pink printed page seemed a good accompaniment to the 5 layer page from last week's prompt on the left.

A closer view:

Even though this Gelli plate printing is "marks on a page" as a layer, I wanted to do more actual "marks" with my hand. This is what I envisioned when I first read the prompt. I used a stencil to give me a basic shape outline, and then doodled inside the shape. 

Stencil removed: 

Then, I decided to add stamping . . . (I have a kitten, can you tell?)

The finished page:

That's how I feel, WOW! week 10!

Mark-making as a layer.

As far as surviving the elements . . . no snow in Florida but this page represents to me getting through a bad cold/virus/fever and surviving!!!!