paint, paper, stamps

Lumiere paint spread on the left and combed on the right

I tend to take a bit of a break, a few days off from working my journal and then when I start again,  I end up doing multiple pages in a row. Recently, I ordered a beautiful necklace from my friend Sharon Borsavage and when she sent it off to me she included a gift of some yummy collage papers. I could not wait to use them!  You'll see them in my journal below.

Everything except the tea bag tag (be yourself) and the round bird stamp (ARTchix Studio) was a gift from Sharon. The painted circles on the card (reproduced) gave me the idea to add the real bits of blue and white paint to the journal. I love that! And the small fish print she sent had me thinking of my new Fred B. Mullett stamps

Stamps and thank you card by Fred B. Mullett

Just for fun, I've made a very short video that shows more of the progression of these pages. You can watch it below or on YouTube

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— Denise Shekerjian, Uncommon Genius