ICAD #37: step-by-step

I took a few photos while making my ICAD (Index card a day) tonight and thought I would share them. The theme this week from daisy yellow was to use a different color palette every day. Well, I took that theme and used it to inspire me to use lots of different colors via my tin of hard pastels. I started off by making a mark with ALL of the colors, one by one. 

I used a small sponge to smooth out the lines of color and I love the rainbow brush marks left behind on my under paper -see below. I might have to use that scrap paper for something! 

I chose a Carolyn Dube Stencil from StencilGirl - Wall of Words and moved it around over my 4x6 index card until I found a section I wanted to use. Then I got out brown acrylic paint and sponged the paint through the stencil. 

Voila'! Thanks for stepping in. :)