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I took a few photographs of my process, making art marks in my pocket journal, and thought I'd share them on my blog. Again, the inspiration that led me to making this small journal and filling it with marks comes from Rae Missigman & Sandi Keene. They teach a Pocket Journal class, online! Rae has held a number of "art marks" challenges and I am doing the same idea on my own, at my own pace. The pocket journal is so small it does not take a lot of time and I look forward to working in it every day. Hooray! 

I do not usually have a plan before I start. I typically look at the pages and see what kind of ideas I get and then go from there. When I looked at this set of pages, I thought of brushing metallic paint on as my marks, to start. Click on any photo for a larger size one.

I looked over at the small photos I had printed out as a "contact size" sheet and saw a photo of Steven I had used a sketch filter on. It made the photo of him look like a drawing! I found a discarded list he wrote, notes of things he needed to do and I also added some word stickers. Then I finished the pages with some scribbling and doodling!  

I am really enjoying working in this wonky small journal, made of scraps. It is fun to put more scraps (and memories) inside too! I like the freedom it gives me to work quickly & intuitively. I am not affiliated with this class, but would highly recommend it! Or, try doing the art marks challenge yourself (free) in a small journal. It has been very helpful to me to keep me creative! Thanks so much for stopping by, you should see me posting here more regularily now. ❤lenna

Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.
— Henry Ward Beecher