continuing to dive . . .

I dove into my pocket journal today, putting the larger urban journal aside to work on another day. It is a really good idea to have 2 sizes of journals to work in - giving me a greater choice, depending how I feel -yeah! This seems to work well for me.

The first set of pages in this pocket journal started out with a gelli print scrap on the left, and on the right, part of a brochure from a visit to the Traquair House (in Scotland) that my friend Frieda took me to in 2014. It was fun to look at this memorabilia again and have it in this journal now. Click on any photo for a larger view.

When I turned the page, I decided I did not want to fully cover the title "Traquair"- so I chose a tissue paper to add that would still give me a view of the name of the house. On the right side I added a leftover scrap of nature printed ledger paper, extending the short page. Then I used spray inks to 'color' the blank music page. Done for now & satisfied! 

I cultivate my garden, and my garden cultivates me.
— Robert Brault