Altered Book spread with Daisy Yellow

I'm taking a Daisy Yellow online course called: Groovy Grunge. You can move through the lessons at your own pace and there's also a Facebook group for sharing your art or asking questions -super! I really enjoy the Daisy Yellow Workshops. Today I picked up my art journal (an altered book) for the first time in a few weeks and chose a Groovy Grunge Lesson about writing & creative prompts. It was just what I needed to inspire me to jump back into creating! 

The spread of pages had one swish of leftover paint and a few bits of washi tape on it when I started . . . somethings I had added to the blank spread several months ago when working on another set of pages. Today I stared by adding my creative prompt, the 'iridescent' description on the right hand side. I was inspired to add more colorful washi tape and Lumiere paint, which is very iridescent -that's what made me think of it. After not doing a lot of art the past few weeks, this felt really good! I have not been totally away from it -I've been organizing my website instead (grin). I find that very satisfying to work on too. It is much more organized.

The finished spread 

I left some of the original pictures and text from this science book visible. Now I get to move on to another fabulous acrylic paint background in the Groovy Grunge Lessons - Yay! 

Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love.
— Rumi