365 project

I have added about 10 more 3x3 cards to the Gallery for my 365 somethings for 2018. I cannot believe I am up to 310 pieces so far! Only 55 more and I will complete my first ever 365 project done within one year - WOW!

I guess I have gotten into the habit of doing these pieces because I look forward to working on these cards once or twice a week — and I enjoy playing & experimenting once I dive in. So it continues to call me. I did not begin doing 3x3 cards, but instead started with small 4x4 canvases - see them all here on this page. I also did some journal pages for this challenge! But the majority of my project has been 3x3 watercolor cards that I cut myself. They have worked the best for me. I’m so glad I decided to try. You can learn more about the project here - Thank you Tammy Garcia! Make sure to make time, even 5 or 10 minutes, for a little art today. You will be glad you did!!

Creatively yours, Lenna

There’s never enough time for everything in life. Make time for each other.
— Unknown