abstract painting

Voila’. Now to find a space on the wall!!

Yes, I tend to do mostly abstract artwork, but jumping into Tracy Verdugo’s 30 days of abstracts on Instagram got me thinking about doing abstract work even more! I have also done much more too, because of this challenge. An ongoing challenge, you can join in anytime. From Tracy:

“Post an abstract painting for thirty days. Any size. No pressure to do it on consecutive days. Because life. I totally subscribe to the 1, 2, miss a few, catch up when you can model! 😂
*Post something new or something old. Promote your work in the challenge for sale or not for sale. It’s all good! *tag and mention me @tracyverdugo AND #thirtydaysofabstracts.”

Yesterday & today I worked on a stretched canvas, 10” x 20”. Most of what I’ve shared for this challenge is smaller pieces. I think seeing lots of medium to large size canvas pieces in this challenge by others inspired me. The first thing I did was to paint the white canvas with black gesso. Then I got out my iridescent oil pastels and made some swooping marks.

Just getting started

Lightning naps among my supplies!!

Doing a larger piece like this was more work! And, I had to trust my instincts when it came to deciding how much to add . . . but in the end, I loved the process, the challenge. I have quite enjoyed Tracy’s Thirty Days of Abstracts - today I am on day 24!

Creativity takes a leap - then looks to see where it is.
— Mason Cooley

Yours Creatively, Lenna