Dale Andrews, my father

Oct 10, 1933 - Oct 1, 2011

My dad was a very creative guy, especially when it came to working with wood. He made the desk below when he was in High School, in a Woodshop class! He gave the desk to me when I was about 5 years old. This is the very same desk I use today. I'm sitting at it right now, typing! Back in 1998, I decided to update the desk with foam stamps and glaze, which created the colorful flowers & leaves. This desk is very special to me because my dad made it and I decorated it. Plus, my crayon marks spelling my name out at a young age are still visible inside the middle drawer!


Dad is hand caning the seat for Steven's Wee Lassie Canoe, 2006.

My dad made many other beautiful pieces of furniture, plus wooden bowls, spoons and at least a dozen beautiful wooden BOATS: 9 strip canoes and 2 Melonseed sailboats. We receive lots of compliments and attention when we take these boats out because of their beautiful craftsmanship. My dad passed his knowledge of boat building onto my husband Steven when we moved to Florida. They spent a lot of time together in the boat shop they set up, Dad teaching & Steven learning. Dad: "Kid . . . Let me show you how that's done."  :o)

In September 2006, my family gathered at Secret Lake in Avon, CT (where we lived at the time) to celebrate my dad's craftsmanship and have some fun. It was our first Boat party and the invitations read: BYOB = Bring your own BOAT - a Dale Andrews Boat!  ❤ My father made all of the boats below.

All of Dad's handbuilt boats at Secret Lake, September 2006

❤ In 2006, my father made a single man "Wee Lassie" canoe designed especially for Steven. We Lived in CT at the time. Dad sent us a photo diary from Florida, via email of his process making Steve's 11FT "Wee Lassie" Canoe. 

January 3rd, 2006, Dad writes us from Florida: "I was wondering if Steve would like his own single person Wee Lassie. If so, I will be pleased to make a gift of this one that I am currently working on. Let me know." 

Dad sent this photo (#1), showing the beginnings of the boat being shaped around a form. The wood in the middle is the form. I wrote back on the same day: Oh Dad! Steven was SO excited to hear this question from you! I know he has already written you & said YES, but I wanted you to know, you "made his year" with this wonderful gift! It will be well used and loved. 

❤This boat is still Steven's favorite!  He calls it his "Jeepster"❤

(#1.) Steve's Wee Lassie just getting started . . . 


(#2.) On January 6th, Dad sent us this photo. Cedar strip construction, formed on a mold. 


(#3.) January 14th -The boat is coming along slowly but surely.


(#4 & 5) January 16th, The email subject: One Day at a Time. After stripping, you take a block plane and smooth ridges and remove glue... another hour or 2 then a 36 rough sand followed by an 80 grit. Making progress. 

(#6.) January 23rd, Progress Report: Outside has been planed and sanded. One coat of epoxy applied and now ready for the fiberglass and 3 more coats of epoxy.


(#7.) January 29th: after the 1st coat of epoxy is soaked in and dried, the fiberglass is put on with another coat of epoxy. You will see that the glass basically becomes translucent.


A slideshow of the rest of Dad's wee lassie diary is below!

I do miss my dad. I still feel his presence though because of his support and his love over the years. He is gone from this world but not from my heart, nor my mind. He helped shape me into who I am today, by always encouraging my art making and supporting my creative endeavors. He was a truly good person, friend to many, successful businessman, good father & grandfather and very creative! I’m so grateful Steve got to spend time with him & I’m most grateful to be his daughter. ❤ lenna