Index card a Day -The 2014 Challenge

This was my second year participating in the ICAD challenge hosted by Tammy Garcia at Daisy Yellow Art.  I discovered that doing something, with my art materials every day, no matter how simple or how small, made me want to do more. Working daily got me deeper into a creative habit. It helped me to return to art journaling, create more collage and mail art! Below are my Index cards for the 2014 ICAD challenge. I generally use 4" x 6" Index cards, but I've also made some 3" x 5" cards. View my 2015 ICADs HERE and my 2016 ICADs here. My first year of the challenge creating ICADs was in 2013 & you'll find those cards HERE! Learn all about the ICAD challenge by visiting Daisy Yellow Art. Click on any photo to enlarge/scroll through all!

Steven made me 2 wooden boxes to keep each year's challenge cards in. This makes it easy to display them, share them with others and I also enjoy looking through them. See my 2013 ICADs HERE and the 2015 ICADs I created HERE.  :o)