Pocket Journals -- A class with Rae Missigman & Sandi Keene 

Below is a short video of my pocket journal BEFORE I added any daily art marks:

I signed up for the Pocket Journal class online and really enjoyed making my own pocket size book shown here. It's a small art journal that's fun to make. Rae & Sandi created the class as an option to use for Rae's ART MARKS challenges. I've started filling mine now with my own art marks and love it. Rae's pocket journal includes fabric pages/covers and paper pages, so I made that version first. But I plan to go back, watch Sandi's version and make that journal as well.  I'm also adding HOW I'm filling the pages up below. Prompts were given for to use (if you wish) for the ART Marks challenge, but I chose to free-wheel it. At first I procrastinated about to what to do inside. I kept looking at Rae's journals, trying to figure out what "Art Marks" really were?? Finally, my need to do something -anything, took over. I dove in and started playing. It became clear to me that ANY marks were better than NO marks. They did not have to be perfect marks, just my marks! 

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