In late September 2017, I signed up for an online class with Rae Missigman and Sandi Keene . . . the Pocket Journal workshop. I had so much fun following the lessons and creating a tiny journal from scraps of paper & fabric I had around. Often, this journal is used for participating in one of Rae's ART MARKS challenges… read Rae’s Art Marks story HERE.

At first, I procrastinated about getting started filling the journal. I wondered what the heck art marks really were, so I looked at a number of Rae's pocket journals trying to figure this out! Finally, I took a deep breath, dove in and started playing in the journal I had made. That was the right thing to do. It quickly became clear to me that ANY art marks would do! They did not have to be good or perfect marks, just my own marks, at my own pace. A year later, I have just about completed filling this special little journal.

A short slideshow video I made of the first pocket journal I made . . .  BEFORE adding any art marks to it. Just the bare canvas!

 Below is the first half of my pocket journal, complete with art marks - before/after.

More pocket journal pages filled with art below.

Details can be found on my blog

More Pages are below! My pocket journal is almost filled, 11/08/18.

Click on the first photo, then use the side arrows to easily view all of the photos larger.