Pocket Journals -- A Wonderful class with Rae Missigman & Sandi Keene

I signed up for an online class called -> the Pocket Journal workshop and truly enjoyed making one from scraps of paper & fabric. This little journal is often used to participate in Rae Missigman's ART MARKS challenges, but I'm filling this journal at my own pace. 

At first I procrastinated about getting started. I wondered exactly what I should do for art marks? I even looked at Rae's journals trying to figure out what "Art Marks" were. Finally! I took a deep breath, dove in, and just started playing. It quickly became clear to me that ANY marks will do. They do not have to be perfect marks, just your own marks! 

A Slideshow below: The first half of my pocket journal is complete with art marks.

More pocket journal pages filled with art. Find details for some pages on my blog ;o) 

A short video of my first pocket journal ❤ 

BEFORE I added my art marks to it.

Additional Pages: the home stretch! My journal is almost Filled.