❤ The Sketchbook Project . . . I have participated in the Sketchbook Project six times! The first time was in 2011. The basic idea is togo to their website and purchase a blank moleskine sketchbook, barcoded for tracking so your book can be found in the Brooklyn Art Library. Next, chose a theme from the ones they provide or not -work with one of your own. Fill up your sketchbook! Register your book on their website and send it in by the deadline! Your sketchbook will go on a "tour" and be part of an exhibit, then ultimately return to the Brooklyn Art Library, to be housed permanently with over 40,000 other sketchbooks. Wow! From their website: 

The Sketchbook Project is a global platform for artists to share their work and engage with other creatives. We believe that anyone can participate in art and be a part of something bigger than themselves. The volume of the project that you contribute to will have its own set of themes and will travel on its own one-of-a-kind experience across North America in pop-ups, tours and exhibitions. The culmination of each volume’s experience is its eventual return to Brooklyn Art Library, where it will then permanently live among our full collection. Think volume next to volume, after curated experiences have come and gone, your book will be nestled on the shelves among over 40,000 other stories waiting to be seen, read and felt.
— https://www.brooklynartlibrary.com/sbp

The photos below represent galleries on this website for each sketchbook I've done and sent in to the project. Use the buttons I made to link to each gallery! The 2018, 2012 & 2011 gallery pages are complete. In these galleries I'll share extra photos about each sketchbook that were taken while I was creating, cutting, painting or removing pages :0). You can also view all of my finished sketchbooks as they were scanned by The Brooklyn Art Library and are on their website

P.S. I've ordered my Sketchbook for 2019, will you be joining me? let me know!