Our Story . . .

Steve & Lenna were teenagers, 15 and 16 years old when they originally met through their friend Garth Gibson . . . but they did not get married until 33 years later when they were 48 and 49! Hmmm . . . did they have a long courtship? No. Were they friends for over 30 years? Yes! Were the moon and the stars out and was there also a good deal of fate involved in getting Steve & Lenna together after all those years? ❤ Yes! In 2005, Steven and I wrote this story together for our wedding program . . . 

Back in 1972, when Steven was 16 years old, he had two close friends, Garth and John. Lenna was Garth's girlfriend back then but Steven had always had a crush on her -She never knew this! Garth and Lenna's time dating was very brief. A few years later, Lenna started seeing John and they were married in 1978. John, Lenna, Garth, and Steven shared the rental of a house in Farmington, CT in 1980. Steven still had a crush on her -Lenna still didn't know this, Steve did not let his feelings be known. Soon after that, John and Lenna bought his father's house, moved out of the rental and started their own family. Meanwhile, in 1984, Steven married Nancy, his wife of 15 years. Steven and Garth used to stop by John and Lenna's and saw their kids Decklin and Dallas growing up, but eventually lost touch with them, other than a few meetings here and there. In 1999, Steven and Nancy got divorced.

Fast forward to 2004. The bad news was that things did not work out for Lenna and John. They separated after 26 years of marriage with plans for divorce. At the same time, Lenna found out through Garth that Steven was divorced - which she did not know. On October 25th, 2004, Lenna decided to call Steven at his work. She had visited him there 4 or 5 years earlier and thought he was probably still working at the same place.

 Steven was unprepared for a call from Lenna out of the blue, with the news that John had left her for another woman and their divorce was in the works. But he leaped at the opportunity to reconnect with her. (Think back to that crush!) Steve and Lenna started emailing each other a lot and getting together to walk their dogs and talk. They took a long drive to upstate NY to visit Garth and his wife Nora. Lenna was surprised to discover she had feelings for Steven she had never felt before. In just three weeks time, with only three hundred emails and lots of phone calls between them, Steven and Lenna realized they were in love. They knew they would be getting married when Lenna's divorce was final. Understandably, some people questioned this decision at first because it happened so quickly after Lenna's separation, but Steven and Lenna knew in their hearts that they were meant to be together. The moon was out a lot during their courtship and they found themselves thanking their lucky stars they found each other again. 

P.S. Steven still has a crush on Lenna. . . .

 but NOW she knows! 

The toasts on our wedding day  

My sister Kathy and our best friend Garth Gibson toast us at our wedding on June 11, 2005 at the Hartford Canoe Club in East Hartford, Connecticut. The toasts are wonderful and funny and my dad even chimes in with a joke!!

Uploaded for our 10th wedding anniversary in 2015. Video by Steve Roux :o)

In late 2004, Garth found the photo below that was taken when we rented a house together in 1980. He sent the photo with a note. “Guess what I found?? A photo of . . . Lenna's Boyfriends!" Yes, I have dated (or married) Steve, Garth and John, sheesh!

“Lenna's Boyfriends” - Steven loves to tease me . . . He says I should of had a larger circle of friends!!

“Lenna's Boyfriends” - Steven loves to tease me . . . He says I should of had a larger circle of friends!!


The engagement ring

Steve wisely chose it for me!

Wedding Day: June 11, 2005 ❤  

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❤This is our crazy story . . .

that makes perfect sense!

Below, a few favorite photos of us throughout the years:

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