The Urban Journal is a wonderful online workshop I took with Roben-Marie Smith, talented designer, artist & teacher. The class was very well organized, explained, and so inspiring! I really enjoyed making this journal.

❤ The class is called: Urban Journal Remix . . . Just click on the link to learn more about it! To make this unique handbound journal, Roben-Marie had us take all of the pages out of an old discarded book, saving the hard covers to reuse. Then we filled the recycled covers with new pages of our own, following her instructions. The ledger I used for this project once belonged to Steve's Grandfather. I reused some of the pages I took out, stitching or gluing them to the new blank pages. I also used Roben-Marie's "Art Pops" for added color and as a design element throughout. The 2 minute slideshow video I made (below) shares my urban journal after I sewed all the new pages in. The gallery below the video shows how I’m filling my new/old urban journal with art for the creative fun of it! 

Click on a photo in the gallery below, to open it up in full size. Then use the side arrows/ swipe to scroll through the photos easily! 

Stay tuned . . . more pages to come!