100th Post and a journal spread!

It's hard to believe this is my 100th post to this online art blog I started just this past January. Because of our moving and all I have not been posting as much lately, but I figure --that's just how it is! I don't have that banner you may have seen on other blogs up here (BWO: blogging without obligation) but I do think it has a very good message. SO, I do try not to worry when I'm not posting as much - like lately!

But I do have something to share with you tonight. I am in a Journal exchange as I mentioned in an earlier post called "TipTop Journals". We all started with the same size journal (8x8) and we are creating a spread of pages (2 facing pages) for a different partner each month. She in return will create a spread for me on my theme. Each month we send just our pages! What I like about this is that it only cost me $1.62 to send the pages I did for Debby to her, and she lives in Canada! Plus, I will receive pages on a monthly basis and fill up my journal as we move through this 10 month exchange! It seems like a great plan to me.

Debby's theme is Sepia & White and so that is what I was thinking of when creating these pages. You can click on any photo for a more detailed view. I reached for old embroidered linens of my Nonie's, old music & book text, some Renior paintings from wrapping paper, fabric, handmade paper and vintage lace. I glued and sewed onto the base pages and finished them by using some sewing themed 7Gypsies rub-ons I got from Alpha Stamps. I usually work with a lot more color, and most of my art supplies are still in boxes . . . so this was a challenge!! But I am glad I rose to the occasion and Debby loved the photos I shared, so I am a happy camper! I hope you enjoy.