mini art quilt book workshop

A fabric page from lesson 1
I have a workshop called the Mini Art Quilt Book that can be found with my other self-paced workshops on my educational site. At the end of February, my new student Terri contacted me and told me she was interested in taking the workshop. She registered through PayPal, I sent her the materials -a supply list and 5 PDF files . . . and va-va-voom! Terri was off and creating! She has added her fabric pages and front cover to 2 separate posts on her blog and they are gorgeous. If you visit this post you'll find a link to the other one -both filled with wonderful fabric art.

I am sharing this here because Terri's work is really fabulous and I think you will love visiting her blog. Plus, she says the nicest things -like I helped to draw out her creative muse. Wow, that is just the sweetest thing! Thank you ever so much, Terri!

local art meet

When I went to my local art supply store here in Bradenton, Florida on October 2nd for a Zentangle ATC swap, I met Susan Stewart. The group was small, so it was easy to talk and I discovered that Susan was just learning about Zentangle like me . . . and she was an art quilter -wow! We exchanged emails, and after a small  delay because Susan's first email went into my junk folder . . . we made a date to meet, have lunch and share some art, oh what fun!

Susan had explored my websites + blogs and told me in an email she loved the "shades of white" quiltie swap I hosted in 2008. So, I found them in one of my boxes, unpacked them and brought them along -Susan was so pleased!

Susan brought her more of her Zentangle ATCs to show me. She had tried adding color to these and was quite pleased. They look great! Click for more detail. 
Susan brought some of her art quilts to share :  ))))


I shared an ARTchix fabric Book RR I hosted in 2004-2005.
This fabric book  includes a page done by Helga Stauss, owner of ARTchix Studio! Susan had been to the ARTchix website and was excited to see this book and learn more about RR collaborations. 

Lastly, I shared all extra quilties given to me plus some I had traded by participating myself, in the "shades of sunshine" quilties swap, hosted in 2008.

It was a really fun couple of hours and a delicious lunch, plus now I have a new local friend  :   ^ ) Thanks, Susan!

skinny book pages for Trinka

Here is the second front and back "skinny page" that I've ever made as part of the 'Oh My Gothic' yahoo group. Go to this previous post to read more about the group and the exchange: new exchange: skinny pages. The page here is for Trinka Seals in Alabama who had 'Artist's Choice' as a theme, but noted that she liked Maps, Numbers, and Faces of Women. I will start with a close up of the top of the front page . . . Click on the scans for more detail.
This is a fabric page this time, using fabric I hand painted this summer for another project on the banks of the St. Lawrence River, Wolfe Island, Ontario Canada. The image above is from Alpha Stamps. Here is the entire front page, 4" x 8". 
Below is a detail of the wine glass charm i added. It was getting a bit rusty after washing the glass because of the metal tag I added. Steven thought we shouldn't use it anymore on the glass, so i put it in my art room . . . . 
it was karma that it ended up on Trinka's page, i guess!

I collaged and layered fabrics until I was happy with the arrangement and then started sewing pieces to the hand painted background fabric with my machine. When I had finished all of the sewing, I fused the front and back fabrics to a heavy interfacing called "fast 2 fuse". I had never used this before but picked some up because my friend Frieda Oxenham often talks of it, or something similar! I enjoyed using it. I could do my work separately on the fabrics, and then iron it to a sturdy base. voila'! Here's the other side:
Machine stitching, tiny Starfish, a Canadian "Toonie" and brass gears from ARTchix Studio. Below a close up of a gel medium transfer onto fabric printed with computer code. I did this front & back.

yes! hidden treasures can be found in art exchanges! I am happy to have the commitment to create a skinny page monthly for another artist on a theme of their choice, and receive from a different artist based on my theme of Love. Earlier this month I received a gorgeous fabric shinny page from Trudi Sissons in Alberta, Canada and Heather Robinson will be adding a page to my collection for February! lenna young andrews - February 13, 2010

1000 Artist Journal Pages

The book,

1000 Artist Journal Pages

by Dawn DeVries Sokol is out -published - and orderable! The copy I ordered pre-publishing many months ago has arrived and I am so happy to say I found 4 of my fabric journal pages included within the

covers of this cool book

. This happy discovery has prompted me to create a little slideshow widget (in the sidebar: "I am published in") which shows all the books I have been published in since 2001, including this one. If you hover your mouse over each book cover, you can get more info from -just click on the title. I hope you enjoy! Visit the author of the book's blog



Inside the book you will find these journal pages and . . . 996 more!! Click on any picture here for more detail. The other side of "Love is a verb" is to the right:

To view all 28 fabric journal pages I created in 2007, follow this tag/link-scroll down, and choose 'older posts' when you get to the end of the page.

Find Moments

Lenna-011, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

This is one of the Quilties I created as an example during the class I taught at Sew Inspired on November 3rd. It features a beautiful Alpha Stamps fabric image from The Balcony sheet, plus metal roses and German Scrap trim from artchix studio. i love the words that I printed onto plain twill tape with my own printer - so appropriate! A few days ago I uploaded a couple of photos of my class, but it took me untill now to finish the quilties I started making while leading Carol, Donna & Rena throught the fabric page making process! Finishing these little fabric pieces today reminded me that I have to get back to my journal quilt challenge!! I am really thinking about it now, so I would bet I will be getting back to that soon. In the meantime, if you would like to see more of my quilties please follow the link to my flickr photo sharing page. I have 4 new fabric pages uploaded there. Thanks and enjoy : ) lenna

My Lady's Garden 1

A Fabric page for a swap on the Fabric in Altered Arts Yahoo Group with a "Dots" theme (mine are subtle, but they are there!). This is a new Alpha Stamps fabric image fabric 1/2 sheet = My Lady's Garden -- I just love it. The shell charms, ribbon and little "bubbles" (dots!) at her feet are from Alpha Stamps as well . . . .

MyLady1, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

Mail Art for Dawn - D'Blogala

I sent a few Grant of Rights forms to Dawn Sokol the other day, for fabric journal pages of mine I subbmitted and she may use in the new book she is authoring, 1,000 Artist Journal Pages. How exciting! I could not help but choose to snail mail Dawn these forms so I could do a little mail art for her . . . . . : )) click on the picture for a closer look. The stamping is done with VersaCraft and Brilliance Inks which can be heat set. I added Lyra watercolor crayons and a wash of water over the stamping, plus a bit of Twinkling H2Os. mmmm! The Postage stamps are ones I made at from scans of my own Journal Quilts - pretty cool!

JournalQuilt #20

may29 JournalQuilt #20, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

My weekly Journal Quilt.... here I was I wrote, printed onto fabric and used for the back of the JQ:

May 29th, 2007 * Journal Quilt Number 20 *
*To be elated*

Another week has come & gone since I did my last Journal entry, it’s hard to believe! This weeks’s fabric journal started earlier last week with the idea of wanting to try a new technique and then use the technique for my inspiration. Typically I have been feeding off what is happening around me for inspiration. At the same time I was also working on 2 fabric pages for a new yahoo group I joined, Fabric in Altered Art (see for more info on joining this yahoo group). One of these fabric pages had a Vintage theme. I had a beautiful postcard from 1907 that I had been saving, but never used. I thought I could COPY this postcard directly onto fabric to create my Vintage page for the group. Then, when copying the postcard I thought, why not send it through again and make another piece? On the spur of the moment I decided to send my prepared fabric through the printer a number of times; copying the handwritten side of the postcard over or near the beautiful picture side I had previously copied. I created my own little fabric collage sheet; what fun!

I used one side for my 6” x 6” Vintage page for the group, and used the other for my journal page. On both I added a paper image from the “That’s Amore” sheet you can find at ARTchix Studio. The romantic nature of the postcard image brought my thoughts to my wedding and marriage to Steven Deming, 2 years ago this June 11th. For my Journal Quilt I found a leftover program and added some of the words from our ceremony to the JQ. I aged it with walnut ink and when it was dry, glued it to the fabric. Again, when it was dry I gave it a light coat of matte medium to protect the paper.

The fabric surrounding the handmade fabric collage sheet is leftover fabric from my wedding dress, which I sewed & stamped myself! So, I started with a new technique, but obviously still get inspiration from my life : ) lenna

Here is what my own fabric collage sheet looked like before I cut it up to create my Journal Quilt and the Vintage fabric page. Also the back of the JQ. You can see I like rough edges!

6 x 6 Fish Fabric Page

I recently joined a new yahoo group called 'Fabric in Altered Art' and quickly joined in on a monthly 6" x 6" fabric page swap that you could sign up for just one month at a time if you like. I created the fabric page shown here to the right for the May 'Fish' theme. The month of May had two themes you could work on - you'll see the second one I did below. For more info on joining this yahoo group go to: It's by invitation and you'll need to request to join.

This page was done with rubber stamps, mostly Fred Mullet gyotaku (fish print) stamps. I used my favorite inks for fabric; VersaCraft inks, and I sponged Dye-na-Flow paint on around the fish in blue & green. I sewed sequins & beads on. Then I glued on a few Bingo chips & small shells & I was almost done! I just had to add a little soft & natural batting and back the square with another piece of fabric. Voila! I will send this in to Cathy and she will swap me a different page back! If you click on the photo you will see a larger, more detailed one.

6x6 Vintage Fabric Page

LennaVintage6x6 (2), originally uploaded by creativelenna.

I recently joined a new yahoo group called 'Fabric in Altered Art' and then joined in on a monthly 6" x 6" fabric page swap. I created the fabric page shown here for the May 'Vintage' theme; one of two themes you could participate in. Please see: for more info on joining this yahoo group -it is by invitation, and you need to request to join. For this fabric page, I used my copy machine to copy both the front and the back of a 1907 postcard onto muslin fabric. I ironed muslin onto Freezer Paper to stiffen it for going through my printer. I am happy with how this turned out! I used a couple of rubber stamps with VersaCraft ink (which can be heat set), Vintage Lace, a vintage button, and a vintage hankie for the back of the piece (see photo below). The long skinny image of the couple on the bottom left is from the "That's Amore" sheet by ARTchix Studio.

More Quilties - July 28 class

QuiltieBook-frontCover4, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

I have been working hard (in-between going to work!) on this quiltie book. It is a small 5" x 5" sample for my July 28th class at Sew Inspired Quilt Shop in Simsbury, CT. I will post a few more photos below, but you can see all the pages in a slideshow if you click here and visit my flickr photo site.