Journal Quilt #15

April18.JournalQuilt-photo, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

Here is my latest in my weekly challenge to myself. I am striving for 1 small 6" x 6" Journal quilt per week. I started January 7th and this is my 15th one. I almost did not create one this week . . . but at the last minute I felt I really rather do something instead of nothing. It's been raining and flooding here in CT so I did a simple quiltie with a transparency of a photo of one of our neighbors houses near the lake. Those canoes on stands are usually out of the water and so is the Pine Tree! Our home is kind of embedded into the cliff away from the lake, so we are not getting flooded. Our neighborhood was even on the News last night as Secret Lake had flooded over the road at one point . . . . I got tired of printing onto fabric with my inkjet printer so I elected to hand write my journal entry on the back with a sharpie marker. I laid the transparency directly onto some batting as I liked the look of it. Click on the photos below for a more detailed picture (ooops! I got the date wrong - by one day! I actually wrote this on the 17th).