another little quilt swap

* Water (on my mind) - A Journal Quilt for an exchange * 

Kate North

is hosting a Journal Quilt swap called,

Another Little Quilt Swap 5.

I signed up for this exchange because it was a small Journal Quilt size swap and all types of quilts were welcomed. I am not a traditional or even contemporary quilter, but I love making small arty mixed media quilts or quilties. I have hosted lots of quiltie swaps and even have a tutorial on my teaching site on how to make quilties -

check it out here!

My journal quilt is an exploration of the colour blue and the theme of water. As I said, I am not a quilter but more of a mixed media artist who loves fabric! My idea for this challenge/exchange was to work with shades of blue and the feeling that water brings to mind. I gathered various leftover pieces of cotton, some I had painted myself on the banks of a river, on the left side of the piece - and a portion of an old silk shirt that looked like water on the right side.

gathering fabrics

I ripped and snipped pieces of fabric to fit the 8 1/2" X 11" size, first pinned them and then stitched them together using various machine stitches to a piece of batting. Here is a photo diary of my process.

getting started

 - making sure it fit the required size -

One of my main stitches was a large wavy one that I used across the piece.

Click on any photo for more details.

first stitches 

adding fabrics

To embellish the journal quilt I added a line of mini mosaics in blue and 2 pieces of blue sea glass, attached to the fabric with extra strong glue. I also hand sewed on iridescent sequins and tiny seed beads. To finish my journal quilt I sewed a piece of watery light blue fabric to the back by stitching around the edges of the quilt.

hand stitching details

The finished journal quilt - 8-1/2" x 11"

A scan for details . . . click to see more.

It was a lot of fun, thank you Kate!

Kate is in process of posting all the photos of the Journal quilts 


. After January 31st, we will email her with a list of our 10 favorite quilts and she will match us up with

a partner

to mail to and receive from. : )

This is a great way to run a swap - i love it! 

I was challenged and it was fun to work on a quiltie again.

published in Sew Somerset

What fun. Just this week I received my copy of

Sew Somerset

Summer 2009

~ the art of creative sewing with mixed media . . . with my article on Journal Quilts published inside! The editor, Amanda Nolan, wrote me in early January of this year and said,

"I came across your site and love your journal quilts! I was wondering if you'd be interested in submitting to Sew Somerset (a sewing arts publication published by Stampington & Company). Please let me know if you would be interested!"

I answered,

"Hi Amanda, and thanks very much for your email. I would certainly be interested in submitting to Sew Somerset. I just read your

publishing guidelines online

. Tell me, are you looking for submissions for the January 15th deadline? And, are you looking for a few of my journal quilts to be submitted?"

Yes! Amanda was interested in more than one of my Journal Quilts, how cool! She told me her favorites, and I was able to write the article and send the Journal quilts in for the January 15th deadline. The next deadline coming up for the Winter issue of

Sew Somerset

is: July 15th (this is a bi-annual publication). They are looking for all types of stitched work, including: wearables, journals, folders, décor, ATCs, cards, scrapbook pages, art quilts, or any mixed-media work. So what are you waiting for??!! Below is the first page of my article in this issue (there are 3 pages total), and then photos of all the Journal Quilts that were included in the article with some of the Journaling backs here on my blog for you.

When I receive these JQs back from Stampington, I am bound & determined to finally sew all 28 journal quilts from my 2007 series together. I have never found or made the time to do so, yet. Well, that's a good thing -- if I had done this already, I could not have sent selected ones in to be photographed for this article!! After I sew them all together, this Journal Quilt wall-hanging piece will get lovingly packed up. I'll bring it to our new home in Florida, whenever we move, to proudly hang on one of our new walls. : ) We do have another home showing today and my fingers are crossed the right people come along . . . . . yes, we have only been on the market 3 weeks - and I am trying to be patient!

Sew Somerset!

Early in January of this year, I received an email from Amanda Nolan, the Managing Editor of

Sew Somerset

and also a number of other

Stampington & Co

publications. It seems she found my Journal Quilts on my

flickr photo sharing

account and absolutely loved them! She wrote asking me if I would be interested in submitting to Sew Somerset, and of course I wrote back and said, "yes!". I had not gotten around to putting them all together as one big wall hanging yet (a little good karma there?) and so I asked which she particularly liked. Amanda promptly wrote back with a list of 8 she'd love to see if they were available. She wrote that she loved their creative style, and thought the art selection committee would like them as much as she did ~how lovely!

I choose 10 Journal quilts to send in with very brief instructions, and promised more details if any were selected. They were mailed to the Stampington office in California on January 5th. Stampington received the package on the 8th of January and on February 5th, I had an email with the subject:

Selected for Sew Somerset!

They selected 5 of my Journal quilts for a technique-based article in

Sew Somerset

, which will be available June 2009, wow! In the email were details of the article they needed me to write of approximately 800 words. With 5 little quilts and the whole experience to write about, I had trouble sticking to 800 words; in fact I wrote over 1,000! I did edit my article before sending the final version, and I know the magazine will too. So everything will work out just right I am sure.

I am very pleased about this and look forward to seeing the article in June! If for some reason it cannot fit, it will be published in the winter edition, which comes out in December. I will not tell you which 5 they selected, but you can make a guess by either looking at them in my

Journal quilt set

on flickr or by following

this link to all the posts

I wrote on this blog about my challenge (to myself) to create Journal quilts on a weekly basis. I am still thinking of a challenge to give myself this year . . . my friend Frieda Oxenham is almost - almost done with her 100 ATC challenge (99 as of this date) and I find it so exciting! She was a huge inspiration to me, to give myself a challenge of any kind, at all. Thank you, Frieda!

Find her blog HERE

and enjoy!

1000 Artist Journal Pages

The book,

1000 Artist Journal Pages

by Dawn DeVries Sokol is out -published - and orderable! The copy I ordered pre-publishing many months ago has arrived and I am so happy to say I found 4 of my fabric journal pages included within the

covers of this cool book

. This happy discovery has prompted me to create a little slideshow widget (in the sidebar: "I am published in") which shows all the books I have been published in since 2001, including this one. If you hover your mouse over each book cover, you can get more info from -just click on the title. I hope you enjoy! Visit the author of the book's blog



Inside the book you will find these journal pages and . . . 996 more!! Click on any picture here for more detail. The other side of "Love is a verb" is to the right:

To view all 28 fabric journal pages I created in 2007, follow this tag/link-scroll down, and choose 'older posts' when you get to the end of the page.

2007 Journal Quilt update

This is a small photographic "mosaic" I made with fd's flicker toys of all the journal quilts I created in 2007 - wow! You can click on the scan for a larger mosaic picture.

I started creating these last January with a goal of creating one journal quilt a week. In fact, that is what really drove me to start blogging - so I could write about my creating & share it! I started these journal quilts as a personal challenge to keep myself creating regularily & also to make pieces that Steven & I would keep, instead of me sending them away as a swap or a gift. I did that too, but these were specifically for us. I wanted to create 50 journal quilts by the end of the year . . . .

Well, in August we decided we needed to move and put our house up for sale -- it sold in record time & we found our new home and moved - all within about 4 weeks time! Needless to say, my attention was elsewhere after August and through the end of the year. I am so happy I did create about one journal quilt a week for as long as I did. At the end of December I had made twenty-eight - 6" x 6" journal quilt squares!

Today I set up a new sewing machine that I just got last week (whoo whoo!). It's a Brother 60-Stitch Computerized Free-Arm Sewing Machine and so now I am really itching to put these journal quilts all together. I have always wanted to create a large fabric wall hanging and this was my tricky way to do just that. Although, I would like to have each square flip-able, if possible, so the viewer could read the journaling on the back of each piece. I will put my thinking cap on and let you know when I accomplish my goal in full - I will share the finished piece here.

To see all the squares and some of the journal entries close up individually, please visit my journal quilt set on my flicker photo sharing account. To follow the blog posts and writing about the journal quilts I did last year - follow the journal quilt label/tag. Thanks as always for looking! Lenna 1/17/08

Journal Quilt #28: Dec. 16, 2007

_Dec16.2007, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

Journal Quilt - ice & snow. This is the 28th journal quilt I've made this this year! When our flight didn't leave on time today I snuck this in! [note: we did get away the next day] This journal quilt started with a photo I took of a boulder in our back yard (see photo below, previous post) all icy. I printed the photo on matte paper and then sewed it to fabric. The Iridescent Glass Spheres I added are from Alpha Stamps - I just love these!

This is my journal entry for the back of the quilt (added 12-26-07)

December 16th, 2007 * Journal Quilt Number 28 *

*Ice and Snow*

For this journal Quilt I used a photo I had taken of a boulder in our back yard that had been covered with ice during a recent storm. I printed the photo out using matte photo paper and considered doing an image transfer to fabric, but decided instead to use the print just as it was on paper so I could capture all the details of the ice on the rock. I added a square of batting behind a piece of muslin and then stitched all the layers together – batting, muslin & photo printed on paper – by stitching around the edge with a zigzag stitch. Next, I used a straight stitch to follow the lines of some of the branches in the photo and further ‘quilt’ the piece. Lastly, I added 2 sizes of Iridescent Glass Spheres from
Alpha Stamps by using quick-drying Goop glue. The way these glass spheres sparkle reminded me of the ice!

The ice storm that fell the day before I made this journal quilt delayed our trip to the U.S, Virgin Islands by a day, and the icy conditions made me worry a bit, but everything turned out OK. We got off the next day for our trip and when we returned it was an unnatural 50 degrees outside (for Connecticut in December!) and all the ice in our driveway had melted. : ) Merry Christmas!

A journal quilt!

nov28 journal quilt, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

Amazing, a journal quilt done just for me & steven!! I have not created one for myself since August 8th. We put our home on the market 5 days later, August 13th - and that was it for me, until now. It felt soooooo good to create this piece! Here is what I wrote for the journal part which is printed onto fabric & attached to the back:

November 28th, 2007 * Journal Quilt Number 27 *

*We have found our home*

This is the first time since the summer, August 8th to be exact, that I have created one of my Journal quilts . . . I find it hard to believe that much time has gone by . . . . almost 4 months! Wow. I found I did not have the energy to put into creating these while I was packing and moving, buying & selling houses and living out of boxes. So I dropped my challenge for the time being.

In January '07, I originally set out to create mini quilts with a journal entry once a week! I did quite well with that challenge until we decided to sell our home. I will see how many more quilties I can create before the year is over. My original goal was to create 50 Journal quilts and now I think 30 might be more likely! I will take all the journal quilts I have made in 2007 for this personal challenge and put them together so they will all be on display together. I want to mount them so that you will be able to look at the front and read the back of the quiltie – the journal entry as well.

My friend Frieda Oxenham sent me this fabric when we moved. She said it reminded her of Steven & I and our move to a new home. I have purposefully left this fabric out in my studio so it would CALL ME to work with it, which it did! I used watercolor crayons to change the black & white fabric to something more colorful and I added transparencies from ARTchix Studio. It really felt wonderful to do this quiltie. This is the first piece I have done for myself for a long time, thank you Frieda!

Posted on Wednesday Stamper 11-30-07

Find Moments

Lenna-011, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

This is one of the Quilties I created as an example during the class I taught at Sew Inspired on November 3rd. It features a beautiful Alpha Stamps fabric image from The Balcony sheet, plus metal roses and German Scrap trim from artchix studio. i love the words that I printed onto plain twill tape with my own printer - so appropriate! A few days ago I uploaded a couple of photos of my class, but it took me untill now to finish the quilties I started making while leading Carol, Donna & Rena throught the fabric page making process! Finishing these little fabric pieces today reminded me that I have to get back to my journal quilt challenge!! I am really thinking about it now, so I would bet I will be getting back to that soon. In the meantime, if you would like to see more of my quilties please follow the link to my flickr photo sharing page. I have 4 new fabric pages uploaded there. Thanks and enjoy : ) lenna

Journal Quilt #26!

Click on any photo for a more detailed view - I am certainly not getting one of these journal quilts done every single week this summer . . . but I've still created quite a few and I am going to continue on my journey with them. My original goal was to try to make about 50 of these during the course of the year, so I am just going to keep at it and do what I can and enjoy making them into some sort of wall hanging when I am done! Instead of cranking these out, I have been very busy with other things like a large fabric ATC swap that I just sent out: - fabulous participation! Plus we were on vacation in Canada earlier this month and now, we are putting our home on the market and looking for another one that's a little bit bigger. I think Steven would rather wait on this move, as we have only been here for a year, but of course I want to act on the idea and move forward, make things happen & make them better. Typical Lenna! In the meantime we're getting ready to go by cleaning & packing up/de-cluttering and we'll start showing the house next week - unless we change our minds! We have have a lovely home in mind we'd like to buy that's right on a pond for canoeing, swimmimg & skating- direct waterfront. This is tempting Steven . . . . plus a huge loft studio space for me and more room in general. Cosmetic work needs to be done (lots) and we have to sell our house first, so . . . we'll see what happens. That's what's new with us! Here is what I wrote for the back of my 26th journal quilt:

August 8th, 2007 * Journal Quilt Number 26 *

*looking for a nest*

It’s been a while since I’ve created a Journal quilt . . . not since I was on vacation in Canada in July. I have slowed down my productivity (once a week) but I am still going to create these on as regular a basis as I can! My journal quilts may not appear here as frequently as they were – but you will still see them posted. A 6” x 6” square is such a nice size, not too hard to do, enough space to work on, and yet feels satisfying when you are finished.

This week I finished up a very large fabric ATC swap with 37 participants and 266 ATCs to swap – wow! You can see the results here:
I was lucky to receive some wonderful fabrics & collage items in lieu of postage or just as a hostess gift from the participants in this swap! This quiltie uses a piece of really interesting fabric send to me by Vicci Henderson from CA and a gorgeous snippet of lace sent to me by Janice Perkin in the UK. I used an ARTchix image from their nature’s beauty creativity kit – the small nest in the bottom right corner. Also from ARTchix are the small green velvet leaves. I wanted to use some things I received from the swap and the bird and the nest goes along with what is going on in my life right now; we are looking for a new home!

Journal Quilt #25

Here is Journal Quilt #25, which I completed last week in front of the Saint Lawrence river, while we were vacationing on Wolfe Island at Steven's family cottage . . . . so lovely! When we got home my computer's hard drived died - ugh. I only just got my scanner connected again to my computer today; the first operating system we tried out did not work with my equiptment. BUT!! Steven had saved all my files, photos, lessons, etc etc with the nightly back-ups he does. I am very lucky!! It just took a little time to copy everything and install my programs. I lost my old JASC photo program in the process, so if anyone has any suggestions for photo image editing programs please leave me a comment. I just tried an HP program & hated it, so for now I am using Microsoft Office Picture Manager. I also tried a Corel program this week & that did not cut it for me either. I understand how files & folders work and need something quick & efficient to work with!!

Here's the back of the JQ - click on any photo for more detail . . . I am still getting used to this scanner so bear with me . . . .

That is an ARTchix Studio
Floral Beauty card by the talented Debby Harriettha on the front of my quiltie!!!