Sew Somerset!

Early in January of this year, I received an email from Amanda Nolan, the Managing Editor of

Sew Somerset

and also a number of other

Stampington & Co

publications. It seems she found my Journal Quilts on my

flickr photo sharing

account and absolutely loved them! She wrote asking me if I would be interested in submitting to Sew Somerset, and of course I wrote back and said, "yes!". I had not gotten around to putting them all together as one big wall hanging yet (a little good karma there?) and so I asked which she particularly liked. Amanda promptly wrote back with a list of 8 she'd love to see if they were available. She wrote that she loved their creative style, and thought the art selection committee would like them as much as she did ~how lovely!

I choose 10 Journal quilts to send in with very brief instructions, and promised more details if any were selected. They were mailed to the Stampington office in California on January 5th. Stampington received the package on the 8th of January and on February 5th, I had an email with the subject:

Selected for Sew Somerset!

They selected 5 of my Journal quilts for a technique-based article in

Sew Somerset

, which will be available June 2009, wow! In the email were details of the article they needed me to write of approximately 800 words. With 5 little quilts and the whole experience to write about, I had trouble sticking to 800 words; in fact I wrote over 1,000! I did edit my article before sending the final version, and I know the magazine will too. So everything will work out just right I am sure.

I am very pleased about this and look forward to seeing the article in June! If for some reason it cannot fit, it will be published in the winter edition, which comes out in December. I will not tell you which 5 they selected, but you can make a guess by either looking at them in my

Journal quilt set

on flickr or by following

this link to all the posts

I wrote on this blog about my challenge (to myself) to create Journal quilts on a weekly basis. I am still thinking of a challenge to give myself this year . . . my friend Frieda Oxenham is almost - almost done with her 100 ATC challenge (99 as of this date) and I find it so exciting! She was a huge inspiration to me, to give myself a challenge of any kind, at all. Thank you, Frieda!

Find her blog HERE

and enjoy!