Goodbye Nimda!

Steve paddling out with Asia in 2006  -Wolfe Island, Ontario

Steve paddling out with Asia in 2006

-Wolfe Island, Ontario

Just this past week (2/24/2009) we sold our sailboat Nimda. This boat  was named after a computer virus by Steven in 2002 . . . I wonder what he was dealing with at work at the time?!

There I am, perched next to Nimda after a swim in the St.Lawrence River -in the Thousand Islands, Canada. It was August of 2006, and Steven and I had sailed (on one tack, I think!) from Wolfe Island to Hill Island where the 'Best Man' at our wedding and a great friend to both of us, Garth Gibson has a cottage. It took us a number of hours . . . six? I think it is 35 miles between the two islands, but we had a good wind and a great time. We will always remember that trip and the storm on the way home! We did get home fine and I learned a bit about sailing.

At the dock, testing sails, rigging

Steven bought Nimda in 2002 when he was a bachelor and spending most of his summers on Wolfe Island where his grandmother was born. He first saw the hull, which I have now learned is the boat without the rigging, sails etc, at a boat show. He fell in love with it. He was not planning on getting a sailboat that year, but this boat, a Creative Marine 'Skimmer 25' would not leave his thoughts!

He purchased one in 2002, and named it Nimda. He calls it a 'camping sailboat' and we have used it that way. The quarters are small, but nice! Here is Nimda in full sail. Steven is taking his cousins out for a spin. So beautiful.

At the dock

This is how I will always remember Nimda, at the dock, in front of the Big House (Steven's grandmother's house) on Wolfe Island, with the HUGE Canadian sky behind the boat and the small aluminum motor boat 'Buzzy' in front of her. I love the fact that Steven painted the Canadian Maple leaf on top of this boat after it was damaged in a storm and re-built. Buzzy is one of my favorite boats, and Steven has been taking Buzzy out on the St. Lawrence River since he was a kid. That's Kingston, Ontario, in the distance.

here's another photo of Nimda after Steve sold it to her new owner in the Clearwater, Florida area! I am down in the same area right now, visiting with my parents (in Feb 2009). Our friend Mike Corrigan who owns the Wolfe Island Boat Shop, sold the boat for us. He trailered it from Wolfe Island, Canada to Clearwater Florida, and took this photo. Unfortunately, we were not using Nimda enough to warrant the cost of storage and upkeep, not to mention getting her ship shape each season to only use her one or two weeks a year.  

These days, Steven prefers to borrow the 16 ft Melonseed sailboat that my father beautifully built with strips of wood. Dad stretched the 15 ft plans a bit when he made it. This hand built boat is spectacularly beautiful, and people always comment on it. Once we ended up in the tail end of a parade in Cape Vincent, NY on the way to the ferry to Wolfe Island. The Melonseed was on a trailer behind us and another one of my dad's handmade canoes was strapped to the top of the car. The people there for the parade were clapping & smiling; we believe they thought we were part of the parade!! Steven loves how the Melonseed handles, as he does all of my father's handmade boats. Below, a couple of photos of Steven & the pups sailing the melonseed on the St. Lawrence river in front of the cottage on Wolfe Island plus another picture of him taking the sails down in the rain after docking. Another beautiful boat!

The melonseed

Wolfe Island Sailing 

I think we will still be sailing the Melonseed for quite some time. It is named Wind Dancer . . . Good bye to Nimda! You were really a great boat and we so enjoyed!

creatively yours, lenna