Accordion Fabric Panel Book

AccordionPanelBook1,originally uploaded by creativelenna
On February 7th, I enjoyed teaching a fabric accordion book class in my own studio in Avon, CT. Above is a close-up scan of the front cover of the book only; there are 4 double-sided accordion pages in total. For lots more photos of the book and the class I taught, check out the set of pictures or the slideshow on my flickr photo sharing account. The sample book above is sized 4" x 6" and was created during my class as a demonstration. The original book I made below is 5" x 7" and was published in the Art of Fabric Books by Jan Bode Smiley, 2005. I was (and am) very honored to have my accordion book placed on the back cover of her book as well as inside. Click for more details!