snowy days

Chloe is a fine example to show you what the days in CT have been like lately . . . click on the photo for more detail, wow! I think you can tell, Chloe enjoys eating snow . . . and 'swimming' in it too. Unbelievably, this morning we woke up to -1 degrees! Yikes, that is so cold. I put on long underwear on under my work clothes. . . . yes, I am continuing to work just a few days a week at Stonewall Kitchen : )

We did go for a walk yesterday even in the cold temps. I needed a break from writing (and writing!) a new online lesson for my collage on canvas techniques workshop. It was about 11 degrees when we went out. The pups & I only lasted about 15 minutes though, as my fingers were cold, even underneath Thinsulate gloves and the poor doggies' paws hurt if they walk on the salt put down on the road to melt the ice too much. It is difficult to walk on the edge of the road when the snow is piled high! The best part was when we got back to the house and the dogs ran around, chased each other, ate snow, and rolled in snow!

You can see that because it is so cold, the girls are sporting fleece 'coats' made by my husband Steven and myself. When I first put the coats on the dogs, it is quite comical because they stand there like statues, not quite knowing what to do! But then as soon as I get them moving, they seem fine, and hopefully warmer too.

The coats were made from a pair of old fleece pants Steven was tossing out. I made the bulky coat that Chloe is wearing -the old waistband of the pants is around her waist, and Steven made the fashionable lizard suit Asia is wearing out of a pants leg. Silly, but fun, and cozy! There are more photos in the winter set on my flickr account - stay warm!