1000 Artist Journal Pages

The book,

1000 Artist Journal Pages

by Dawn DeVries Sokol is out -published - and orderable! The copy I ordered pre-publishing many months ago has arrived and I am so happy to say I found 4 of my fabric journal pages included within the

covers of this cool book

. This happy discovery has prompted me to create a little slideshow widget (in the sidebar: "I am published in") which shows all the books I have been published in since 2001, including this one. If you hover your mouse over each book cover, you can get more info from Amazon.com -just click on the title. I hope you enjoy! Visit the author of the book's blog



Inside the book you will find these journal pages and . . . 996 more!! Click on any picture here for more detail. The other side of "Love is a verb" is to the right:

To view all 28 fabric journal pages I created in 2007, follow this tag/link-scroll down, and choose 'older posts' when you get to the end of the page.