Journal Quilt #12

*The COLORS of my WEEK*
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On the back of this quiltie, the following journal entry is printed:

March 26th, 2007:

* Journal Quilt Number 12 *
This week I wanted to do a more free-form journal quilt using some of the beautiful fabrics that were still out on my table from my recent fabric art making. If you look closely you should be able to find bits of the cover of my fabric book for Dawn Seller’s RR, and a strip of the fabric from the charms I made for Ruth Rae’s swap, as well as various fabrics from the Fabric ATCs I just made for class samples. As you can see, I love the rich colors and patterns of the Batik fabrics. I sewed everything to a piece of warm & natural batting using some decorative stitches and also a bit of “free form” sewing around the piece. I glued in two velvet leaves to match the leaves I‘ve added to my fabric book cover, and I added a small photo of the ferns & snow that are the subject of a collage I am working on. For a finishing touch I added a bit of Brass Lumiere paint.

Steven is back to work and that is so very good – for him & for me! A funny benefit of his working again is that when he is away at work it gives me time to work in my art studio without any guilt what so ever. When he was home more, sometimes I would feel badly leaving him alone while I was working on my art – even though he would always encourage me to do so. Now I have time when I am not at work, when he is away, to get stuff done so we can spend time together when he is home! I’ve found my part-time work at Flatbread also gives me a structure – because I have to squeeze my art in before or after!

Isn’t it funny how things work out? Lenna 3/26/07