Journal Quilt #13

Here is what I wrote and attached to the back of this journal quilt:

April 1st, 2007: * Journal Quilt Number 13 *

I wanted to do something different this time so I started with a piece of canvas paper as the base of this week’s journal quilt. The Fredrix brand that comes in a pad is a real piece of artist’s canvas. It’s soft to the touch and feels almost like fabric. I started by sponging dye-na-flow paint by jacquard on the canvas (cut to 6 x6) very lightly. Then I choose a piece of silk I had colored previously for practice with dye-na-flow. When the paint on the canvas was dry, I used gel medium to attach the silk to the bottom left corner. When the gel medium was dry, I sponged a bit more dye-na-flow on top of the silk and the canvas. I added a little Lumiere as well, often working with my fingers to spread it on the canvas and silk. Next, I glued a small photo from one of our recent walks in the bottom right hand corner; this photo shows a fallen tree covered with moss, a bit of snow & dead leaves. Above that photo I painted little green shoots with olive green textile paint - this is what I am seeing on my walks now, hooray! I stamped the words ‘hope’ and ‘wish’ from Claudia Rose on the canvas and silk with VersaCraft ink to go along with this week’s theme of spring. Lastly, I added small fabric shapes on top of the silk with gel medium. These shapes happen to be cut from the same fabric that I used to create the cover of my fabric RR book . . . . some of that fabric was still on my table tempting me to use it!

Enjoy! Lenna

Note - 4/1/07: I feel like I am finally getting into the swing of this weekly 'art exercise' now, some 3 months after I started it! This is a really good challenge for me because it makes me think, it stretches me to continue to come up with creative ideas, I am documenting 2007 for myself & my husband, I'm making journal quilts that will become part of our own collection, and . . . it forces me into the studio at least once a week! I am usually in there more than that, but this weekly commitment helps. I like the habit of it, and it feels like I am practicing an instrument (my hands, heart & mind) to become a better artist. I don't often come up with award-winning pieces when creating so quickly & so often, but I am continuing to create a lot --and that in itself is an award!