St. John Journal 12.17.07 (Monday)

Photo below: Steven & I on the Red Hook ferry from St. Thomas to St. John, after traveling all day on 12.17.07.

Later that night I wrote: Well, I have not seen it in the daylight yet, but I can tell already that St. John is a beautiful and interesting place. It actually reminds me of the island of Madeira with it's hills and winding steep roads. (I visited Madeira in 2004 and you'll find my art journal on that trip HERE.) You drive on the left here in St. John - I can't quite remember if it is like that in Madeira too? I don't think so . .

The road to the "villa" where we are staying is like no other I have seen before. You HAVE TO have a 4-wheel drive vehicle in order to drive up the road at all! Extreamly steep and washed-out in places by heavy rains, I had to hold on tight and close my eyes more than once just to get through it. The last turn into the actual driveway was the steepest downhill, sharpest turn I have ever made in a car! I don't like this type of driving at all (reminds me of Madeira & Costa Rica) , but feel confident with Steven driving that everything will be okay. I would not attempt it myself, I certainly don't think. ugh!

At the end of the bumpy climb, there was Windwardside Guest House & Guest Cottage. We had reserved the smaller Guest Cottage, but because of a cancellation we were given the Guest House. WOW!! The bedroom of the Guest House was a separate building from the main house with a balcony and an outdoor shower with plants hanging over the top of the wall, but open to the sky. Walk down the brick steps to the patio and with lounge chairs, an outdoor eating area, hot tub, another outdoor shower and grill. I can tell that there is a view of Coral bay -- I just can't see it tonight . . . . In the main house there is a huge porch with a large dining table and window seats overlooking the bay, a small kitchen, a living room, bath with indoor shower (a lot of showers for a place that has to conserve water!!) plus another open aire balcony overlooking Coral Bay.

We were starving after traveling all day, so we made our way back down the steep ravine to get dinner at a local open-air bar/restaurant that Steven has eaten at a number of times before --this is his 3rd or 4th time visiting St. John's, called Shipwreck Landing. There were donkeys just walking along the road! Again, I could see the bay was right there, it was just too dark to really see anything - tomorrow!! Lenna in St. John's, US VI ~12.17.07 - the first of 5 journal entries.