The apple does not fall far from the tree!

I have a number of posts that I want to write and not quite enough time lately to pull it together . . . but, this one I am pushing through!
In the photo to your left (click for more detail) are 4 lovely little handmade wooden spoons my dad made for me recently. I was visiting my parents in Florida last week and while I was there, I noticed my dad had ordered a work bench, drill press and a band saw for the work area in his garage. Now, mind you, my dad has a wonderful, very professional woodworking workshop at his home in CT - but because of my dad's health issues, my parents did not make it back to CT this past summer. So, I think my dad was itching to do some creative woodworking again! He has made many beautiful wooden boats and he plans to make a custom canoe paddle for my husband Steven, hopefully by the time we come to visit them again in late December - as there is a handmade Dale Andrews canoe down there already!

When I was talking to my dad on the phone about his various Doctors appointments the other day, he slyly told me near the end of our conversation that he had sent me a present. What? With all that you have going on, you sent ME a present?? Yes, he said, I thought you deserved a present for coming down to see me - ha! I was so happy to visit my parents! Well, I did not know what the present was, nor did he tell me what it was. Maybe some oranges, I said to Steven? My dad has sent me those from Florida before, usually Mineolas, yummy! Yesterday, his package arrived. It was these 4 spoons and this note:


The 1st project from my new workshop. Your mom always enjoyed the stir-ers I did a couple of years ago. I hope you like them. I had a small piece of Tiger Maple left over from a boat model I did.


What a treat! I absolutely love these little spoons he made and I am so glad my dad sent them to me! The first project from his new FL workshop too, that is so great. My mom always says that I got all my creative genes from my dad . . . well, I am not sure about that, as my mom is very arty and creative too, but it is a really wonderful thing to be his daughter. My dad has always been a shining example for me and he is continuing to be that for me through his cancer diagnosis. My mom too. Both of my parents are concentrating on taking things one step at a time, which I truly believe is the only way to get through anything like this that seems really too overwhelming to think about. As I told my friend Carla, I aspire to be as grounded as they are in the face of such news. With much love, lenna