wine charms . . .

I am not doing a lot of gift giving this year . . . well, a few purchases from Stonewall Kitchen (where I work part-time). Check out their website! The Stonewall Kitchen sauces, jams, sweets, savories, etc. are so delicious, and made so well with wonderful fresh ingredients . . . . . m m m m m Mmm! It is very easy for me to work there and extol the virtues of their products (smile).

I am also making a few little gifts. Wine charms are easy to make and so much fun, too! I picked up the round wires inexpensively at a craft store, then added beads from my collection, and voila! Steven & I use our set of wine charms all the time. We put them on our wine glasses for a party a couple of years ago and just never took them off . . . . we love them. They look so pretty and serve a purpose too. You can add shells, charms, danglies to your beads -really, whatever you like or think your recipient would like. Have fun!
click on the photo for more detail!