women, words and . . . ?

I was very lucky and won the ARTchix Studio Yahoo Group's Bi-Weekly ATC Lotto! I had made an ATC on Joy's theme of red + white, uploaded it to the group, and found out last night that Joy's grandson had chosen my name in the random drawing, wow!! That means all the ATCs on that theme will be sent to me, and i get to choose the next theme for the bi-weekly drawing. I chose "Women, words, and . . . ? " - leaving the third element up to the participant. What i used as a third element above is, bright colors. I used a bright green watercolor crayons around the edge of the ATC, based on the bright colors in the image from ARTchix Studio. I hope you will check out the yahoo group, join if you don't already belong, and participate in this! lenna young andrews - february 8th, 2010