inchie challenge

On Helga Strauss' blog: My ARTistic Life the challenge this week was to get inspired by creating inchies, 5 inchies, either one a day or all at once. I picked the "all at once" option, and here are my efforts.

It had been a while since i had created any "inchies" (1" x 1" collages) and i had truly forgotten just how small they were! So, i decided to start making them more or less together, cutting them apart at the end for any final embellishing. I took my 1" square pieces of scrapbook paper and glued them to a piece of watercolor paper.

next, i drew around the edges of the squares with a watercolor crayon. Yes, i use these all the time!
I used a wet brush on the crayon to activate it
adding rubber stamping (CatsLife Press) with StazOn ink
added more crayon to the paper squares (yellow)
then cut the inchies apart -phew!
a little more stamping (stars) and words from ARTchix and i was done ; ^ )

Thanks, Helga!! Another great challenge! ~lenna young andrews - February 1, 2010