my moleskin journal

Moleskine Plain Cahier Journal Black XLarge: set of 3 Plain Journals
I had never heard of a moleskin journal before signing for take Mary Green's online class,  Your Vintage GlueBook. They are small, flat little journals which I found in a set of three, all sized 3 1/2" x 5 1/2" - I chose the paperback cover. I do like this small size, even though I started my work in the gluebook class in a somewhat larger 5" x 8" sized notebook and it was a little bit hard to get used to, at first. I created another page in it fairly quickly today, and I will share that here along with the other pages I've done in this small journal so far:

I have called this my "almost" vintage gluebook because I know
I will be adding some non-vintage things!

The couple is cut from a vintage postcard, the flower background is from
mary green's e-shop and one ot the transparencies is from artchix studio! 
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This is my latest spread with images from the class with mary green, a small
photo of my grandfather and transparencies from artchix studio.

Most of the right side (background) of my newest spread above is a small piece of a large fabric-paper I made earlier this year. You can read how I made that here. This is why I have titled this journal my "almost" vintage gluebook, for one thing. I knew I was going to take what I learned and tweak it to make it my own!! This spread has watercolors (crayons), transparencies, rub-ons, fabric and rubber stamping along with vintage items and composition ideas I learned in mary's class. You can still join this online class, find out about it here: Your Vintage GlueBook class. I must say that taking this class with my dear yet distant friend Frieda in Scotland, and seeing all the absolutely wonderful work she has produced for the class (and still  is!) has really inspired me and spurred me on to continue creating based on Mary's class. I think about working in this little journal now even when I really should be getting other commitments taken care of!! I think I will just have to strive for a good balance of what I want to do and what I need to do!!! : ) lenna young