my moleskin journal (2)

I find I am getting into this small moleskin journal (3.5 x 5.5”) for my almost vintage gluebook work. This book seems to call to me to work in it, and you know, because it is so small I find it pretty easy to complete a spread or  two! Here’s the latest two:
04.moleskinSMAbove, a copy of a favorite Waterhouse painting of mine combined with handmade paper, some words and a math text book . . .
05.moleskinSMAnd here,  a copy of a vintage postcard, a journal card downloaded from Green Paper Packages, some text, a heart my husband made to stencil wrapping paper for me (you saved that, for a few years?? -yes!) and some scraps of painted paper I made. Yes, my almost vintage gluebook!!  ; ^ ) lenna