Ringling Museum of Art

It's easy to stay occupied with our usual activities, so Steven and I are trying to get out and do different things every week, or at least every other week! It means time together, fun, learning, enjoying . . .  For quite a while we had been talking about going to the Ringling Museum of Art in Sarasota. I knew it was mostly older pieces (1300's-1600's) but I had also heard it had beautiful grounds to walk on, a contemporary exhibit and admission is FREE on Mondays. Since admission is usually $25 - we thought Monday would be a good day to go - and so we did! I put the photos I took together with some music and sent it to animoto . . .

In the contemporary exhibit there were some hands-on activities which I think were really designed for children, but of course Steven and I had to try them out!! Steven experimented with the sculpture one and I did the activity where you used rectangle shaped blocks to create a polyptych; (from the Greek polu- "many" + ptychē "fold") generally refers to a painting (usually panel painting) which is divided into multiple sections, or panels. ...  You arranged the blocks the way you liked, laid paper on top, did a rubbing with a black crayon . . . and voila'! I really had fun doing this . . .

There was also a special exhibit of  "a glimpse into the most dynamic period of the American circus through rarely seen photographs of Frederick W. Glasier (1866-1950)." That exhibit was really something -better than I expected- as his photographs were so personal and the performers he was photographing so interesting. No photo taking was allowed in that exhibit but you can get a good idea from this special page of the Ringling Museum of Art website: The Glasier Collection.

One lovely surprise near the end of our visit, was to see a painting done by my great uncle William Glackens, hanging on the wall of the museum! I did not know there was a piece of his in the Ringling Museum, wow! 
I included in the video, but here it is:

William Glackens, 1910
Pretty cool, eh? I am named after his daughter Lenna.

I will have more art to share soon and some things Steven has made too! We have been busy looking for home to buy and even writing contracts, which takes a lot of time. Since we have been in Florida we have been renting - first a cottage and now a house. We are looking to purchase a home nearer my parents. We had an accepted offer that fell though because of the seller . . . which was really too bad. We liked the house very much! The problem could not be fixed and we were advised against going forward. But I kept looking and something new came up. Yesterday we put in an offer on a different property. We won't find out if it will be a sure thing for a while as the bank is involved, but our fingers are crossed! 

We hope those of you celebrating July 4th are having a wonderful day; Steven & I will soon be going over to my parents to have a cook out with their British friends! Happy day, lenna young