wanderlust 2017 : week one

wanderlust 2017 : week one

On the recommendation of some of my artist friends, I signed up for another online course, Wanderlust 2017. This past year I discovered I'm more active with creative things/ideas and I create more art/creative stuff when I engage in a class or two . . . 

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I worked in my art journal again yesterday after getting home from picking up my sister at the airport and bringing her to my parent's house. This is not an easy time for any of us with the news of my father's cancer having spread. For me, doing art, creating something, helps to calm and center me. It also allows me to work out my feelings in a different way than talking or crying or whatever! I was drawn to work in my art journal yesterday afternoon and this is what happened.

When I started i did not know what I was going to do . . .

These papers were sitting in a box on my desk, leftover from Mary Green's last challenge. I had printed some of the images she gave us on this tan, weathered stationery. These leftover papers seemed a good place to start. I added a copy of ledger page top right below, also from Mary. Probably key to where I went with this spread was that I already had a copy of one of my Great Uncle's paintings printed out and in my scrap box. Click for details -top left page below.

The watercolor paper this journal  is made with is too white for me for this, so I use a walnut stain Distress Ink pad, direct to the page, to blend everything. This I sprayed water on top to really blend the ink and paper.

I typed out a short bit of info about my Great Uncle, William Glackens on the same tan stationery and glued it on the left side. Then I dripped (instead of sprayed) Adirondack espresso Color Wash on both sides of the spread. I also added another painting by my great uncle and a photo of him and his daughter Lenna taken in 1914 to the right side -click for details.

The painting I added is Hammerstein's Roof Garden, 1901. If you click on that link there is a really interesting Audio Guide, courtesy of the Whitney Museum of Art in New York, where the painting is held. It describes the time (1901) and why the painting was important. My Great Uncle was part of a group of artists who believed in painting realistic scenes, not just pretty pictures.

I believe I chose the photo of William Glackens and his daughter Lenna out of the many I have of him because, for one -I am named after Lenna, and two -it shows their loving father-daughter relationship. I did not set out to show this, but when looking for additional images to include in my spread, this is the one I was drawn to.

To finish the spread, I took my jar of Gold Lumiere paint, dipped my finger in and spread a little gold sheen around on parts of the pages. This spread is actually a little sparse for me, but I like it this way and feel that it is finished. This is the last full spread in this journal. I have one 1/2 page spread, to do in this journal.

I would like to share some additional paintings by my great uncle . . . 

Chez Mouquin, 1905  - Chicago Art Institute
The one above is one of my favorites and I have it as a poster.
My son Dallas has seen this painting in person and came back to tell me he did not even know it was at the Chicago Art Institute, but recognized it from the poster I have!
More on the painting above and below here on Artchive.

The Shoppers, 1907 - The Chrysler Museum, Virginia
The central figure is my great aunt, Edith Dimock Glackens, sister of my grandfather, Stanley K. Dimock -my mother's adoptive father. Edith and William were married in 1904.

Lenna Painting
Lenna Glackens, by William Glackens
Above is my namesake, William Glacken's daughter Lenna. Although, I do know she was named after her mother's mother, Lenna Demont Dimock (my great grandmother) . . .
I still like to think of myself being named after Lenna Glackens. She was an artist and a writer too!

W. J. Glackens, 1935

William Glackens died in 1938. I am honored to have art so revered in my family. Thank you for visiting and sharing my story. Lenna Young Andrews, September 16, 2011

Ringling Museum of Art

It's easy to stay occupied with our usual activities, so Steven and I are trying to get out and do different things every week, or at least every other week! It means time together, fun, learning, enjoying . . .  For quite a while we had been talking about going to the Ringling Museum of Art in Sarasota. I knew it was mostly older pieces (1300's-1600's) but I had also heard it had beautiful grounds to walk on, a contemporary exhibit and admission is FREE on Mondays. Since admission is usually $25 - we thought Monday would be a good day to go - and so we did! I put the photos I took together with some music and sent it to animoto . . .

In the contemporary exhibit there were some hands-on activities which I think were really designed for children, but of course Steven and I had to try them out!! Steven experimented with the sculpture one and I did the activity where you used rectangle shaped blocks to create a polyptych; (from the Greek polu- "many" + ptychē "fold") generally refers to a painting (usually panel painting) which is divided into multiple sections, or panels. ...  You arranged the blocks the way you liked, laid paper on top, did a rubbing with a black crayon . . . and voila'! I really had fun doing this . . .

There was also a special exhibit of  "a glimpse into the most dynamic period of the American circus through rarely seen photographs of Frederick W. Glasier (1866-1950)." That exhibit was really something -better than I expected- as his photographs were so personal and the performers he was photographing so interesting. No photo taking was allowed in that exhibit but you can get a good idea from this special page of the Ringling Museum of Art website: The Glasier Collection.

One lovely surprise near the end of our visit, was to see a painting done by my great uncle William Glackens, hanging on the wall of the museum! I did not know there was a piece of his in the Ringling Museum, wow! 
I included in the video, but here it is:

William Glackens, 1910
Pretty cool, eh? I am named after his daughter Lenna.

I will have more art to share soon and some things Steven has made too! We have been busy looking for home to buy and even writing contracts, which takes a lot of time. Since we have been in Florida we have been renting - first a cottage and now a house. We are looking to purchase a home nearer my parents. We had an accepted offer that fell though because of the seller . . . which was really too bad. We liked the house very much! The problem could not be fixed and we were advised against going forward. But I kept looking and something new came up. Yesterday we put in an offer on a different property. We won't find out if it will be a sure thing for a while as the bank is involved, but our fingers are crossed! 

We hope those of you celebrating July 4th are having a wonderful day; Steven & I will soon be going over to my parents to have a cook out with their British friends! Happy day, lenna young

William Glackens and The Eight

When I returned last week from visiting my parents in Florida (before we moved there), this beautiful postcard from the New Britain Museum of American Art was waiting for me. The postcard announced an upcoming exhibit of a group of well known artists called 'The Eight'. My Great Uncle, William Glackens was a part of this group! The members of the Eight were: Robert Henri, Arthur B. Davies, Maurice Prendergast, Ernest Lawson, William Glackens, Everett Shinn, John Sloan, and George Luks. If you click on the postcard to your left, you will see a section of William Glacken's painting, Breezy Day, Tugboats, NY Harbor, c. 1910, second from the left.

Of course this is very exciting to me! The exhibit runs March 6 - May 24, 2009 and the museum is only about 20 minutes from here (when I lived in CT) in nearby New Britian, CT. You can read about my great uncle's work held permanently in this museum here. I've also done a bit of research and writing about William Glackens, including locating some of his many paintings & drawings online and including them on my web site. I am happy to say I was named after his daughter, Lenna Glackens.

Arty International Yahoo Group ATCs

Above: the front and the back of one of my 'local architecture' ATCs made for a swap hosted by Teresa Abajo on the Arty International Yahoo Group, due March 31st, 2008. I created 10 of these ATCs in total, all slightly different from each other (the extra one is for me). I used a lots of great Alpha Stamp products including transparencies from Tallulah's Kisses & Paris Showgirls laid over my photo, a haunting CROW rubber stamp stamped with StazOn ink, and some really yummy Green Leaf ribbon. The transparencies are rather ghostly, but I like their affect on the ATC.

The 'local architecture' I used was a photo I took of the Wadsworth Atheneum, in Hartford CT. Established in 1842, this is America's oldest public art museum. Steven and I visited there most recently on a cold day in January, 2008. My Great Uncle, William Glackens has several paintings on exhibit in this museum which I always love to see. The building itself is so interesting, I snapped a photo of the Atheneum from the outside . . . .

. . . and then, once inside, I took a photo from the inside -- looking out. This is what I based my ATCs on. See ALL of the ATCs for the swap, below -click on any photo for a larger version. These ATCs are being mailed this afternoon to Australia!

No flash is allowed so this is a rather blurry photo of me standing in front of one of my Great Uncle's paintings at the Wadsworth Atheneum. This large painting is of his wife Edith Dimock, my grandfather's sister : )

I do love to visit this museum and I think that's why I chose it as my 'local architecture'. Thanks for hosting, Teresa!

RamsHead -Salt Pond Bay, St. John

SaltPond Bay RamsHead, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

A Happy New Year to all who visit the creative lenna blog! I am so glad to have you with me on my journey. If you follow my work here regularily, you know it's been quite a while since I posted . . . I must say I have enjoyed my time away with my family. Steven and I are having great fun discovering the charms of simple pleasures like playing one of our favorite childhood games, Monopoly! Because of our vacation & the time we enjoyed together, we have also proposed to take 2 days off a month, as a "vacation date". No computer for Steven or I, no work; just time spent together however we choose! Yesterday was the first of these "vacation dates" and we visited the New Britain Museum of American Art. Wonderful! I saw one of my great Uncle's paintings there, always a thrill. We watched Forest Gump on TV, played Monopoly, read books (I'm reading Elinor Lipman), cooked dinner and talked. I am looking forward to this!

I did want to drop by though and say hi, and also share a photo I took while Steven & I were in St. John, US Virgin Islands. As you can see, it is quite beautiful there. If you click on the photo, it will take you to my flickr photo sharing account where you can view many more pictures as a slideshow or singly, as you choose. Steven & I took probably 200-300 photos between us, but don't worry - I did not upload them all! We hope to use many of them in artwork in the months to come. I also kept a diary of sorts while we were there and I may choose some photos and upload them along with my entries in the weeks to come.

I have recently updated my creative swaps blog and I welcome you to visit: http://creativeswaps.blogspot.com/

We wish you a very Happy and Healthy New Year! Yours creatively, Lenna