silver and black

Silver and Black was the last color combination of 2010 for 'colour groupies' ~ a small group of artist friends. Working with color combos, we make ATCs on a monthly basis and exchange them. The group consists of me, Frieda Oxenham, Debby Harriettha, Caryl Hoobler, and next year -Tristan Robin Blakeman will be returning, yay! I have put together an Animoto video slideshow to showcase all of the ATCs I've created for this group in 2010. You can watch it by clicking here -it's about 3 minutes long, and you'll also find it in the sidebar. I obviously love animoto videos!!

My silver and black ATCs started with a piece of black velvet paper. I would not be surprised if I've had this in my possession (stash!) since I worked in a rubber stamp store some 12-15 years ago!! I remember selling it when I worked there. Anyway, I found it when rummaging through a pile of papers in the garage (which have yet to be put away in my studio) and thought it would be perfect. My first idea was to stamp it with Brilliance ink, silver. Click for a larger view . . .

Then I cut the black velvet paper to ATC size
and added paper images from ARTchix Studio to each one.
I used my xyron to make them into stickers.

My Krylon Metallic Silver pen came in handy -
I do love to splatter!

The cards were placed on a black cardstock backing as the velvet paper is not substantial enough. I ran the metallic pen around all of the edges too.

* for caryl *

* for debby *

* for frieda *

* for me! *
I have 2 notebooks (3 years!) that contains 1 ATC
on each color combo theme that each one of us has done.
It is great to look back and see all the color variations!
One person's idea of silver & black or mango & ivory is different from another's!

This is my 3rd year completing this exchange and I have 2 very full and beautiful notebooks now. I love this exchange because my friends encourage and inspire me . . . and they challenge me! The first colour combination of 2011 is Turquoise and Copper, so look for that from me later in the month. You can also check out the blogs of the other members, linked above. Have a great day - do something creative!  ; ^ D