matching handmade bookcases

My dad and my husband Steven have been working in their work shop on a set of matching bookcases for my son Decklin and Tina. Dad & Steven started this project late last August but then took some time off. Now, they are back concentrating on it and getting near a finished product!

picking out wood from my dad's stash, they chose Cherry wood.

My dad drawing up plans 

gluing the shelves together

My dad cutting the shelves

more sanding

I think Steven brings out the "kid" in my dad!! 

almost done and there are 2 of them -matching! 

I'll catch up again here soon with you, as I have my final sketchbook pages to share - it is completely done!! I am psyched. I will be mailing it tomorrow. I've also been busy preparing for a fabulous collaborative project with 3 other amazing artists that will begin in February. You'll hear all about it very soon, I promise!!!!